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Chain Trapping Macro

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This macro combines the freezing trap with threat spike attacks. The main weakness is that although Distracting is useful because it does not break traps, it does not in fact generate much threat (less than a white damage shot). It is best to pull the mob at an angle to avoid it running through any AOE effects of the tank's. For solo use, this casts Multi-shot to pull a couple of mobs off your pet. Right-click to set focus, click to lay a Freezing Trap, and alt-click to cast Distracting Shot if grouped or Multi-Shot if solo.

#showtooltip n/focus [button:2] target n/cast [button:1, nomod] Freezing Trap n/cast [button:1, mod:alt, target=focus, group] Distracting Shot n/cast [button:1, mod:alt, nogroup] Multi-Shot;

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