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Ranger Pet Target with Rejuvenate

Ranger Pet Target with Rejuvenate Macro

RIFT Rogue Macro

This macro will have your pet attack A) your mouseover target B) your current target. Also if you do not have a target it will target A) mouseover target B) pets target. As well, if you hold Shift then it will recall your pet and put it on passive. Note that this requires the use of focus target, and as such, the behavior of the macro will be wonky if you already have a focus target, and it will also remove your focus target in the process.

/focus @target petattack /target @mouseover petattack /target @focus /target @pet /target @targettarget /target @mouseover /target @focus /target @target /targetlasttarget clearfocus petdefensive petfollow [shift] petpassive [shift] /cast Rejuvenate

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