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Bard One-Button Motif Casting

Bard One-Button Motif Casting Macro

RIFT Rogue Macro

This macro chain allows Bards to cast all five motifs using a single button. The player must first choose a key to bind to the action bar and then set up a new action bar in the interface settings. The macros should be placed on the new action bar in the order shown below. When the chosen key is pressed five times, the macros will cycle through casting all five motifs.

#show Motif of Regeneration /suppressmacrofailures /cast Motif of Regeneration importkeybindings 2 #show Motif of Grandeur /suppressmacrofailures /cast Motif of Grandeur importkeybindings 3 #show Motif of Tenacity /suppressmacrofailures /cast Motif of Tenacity importkeybindings 4 #show Motif of Focus /suppressmacrofailures /cast Motif of Focus importkeybindings 5 #show Motif of Bravery /suppressmacrofailures /cast Motif of Bravery importkeybindings 1

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