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Holmgang Self-Cast

Holmgang Self-Cast Macro

FF XIV Marauder Macro

This macro is used to self-cast Holmgang, which gets around the issue of Holmgang target dying or being too far away to cast. The macro repeats the action multiple times to get around the issue of animation lock vs macros.

/merror off /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me>

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