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Warrior Holmgang

Warrior Holmgang Macro

FF XIV Marauder Macro

Holmgang requires a target to cast, but if the target dies or is out of range, the player loses the effect. To circumvent this, a self-target macro is recommended. This macro casts Holmgang on the player and can be repeated to ensure the effect stays active.

/ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /ac "Holmgang" <me> /micon "Holmgang"

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