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Shukuchi Taikyaku

Shukuchi Taikyaku Macro

FF XIV Rogue Macro

This macro instantly casts your movement ability, Shukuchi, at your fourth party member without needing to use ground targeting. In default settings, your fourth party member will typically be a Healer.

/micon "Shukuchi" /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4> /ac "Shukuchi" <4>

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