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Monk AoE

Monk AoE Macro

FF XIV Pugilist Macro

This macro is used for AOE attacks and includes Rockbreaker, Twin Snakes, Arm of the Destroyer, Featherfoot, Mercy Stroke, Blood for Blood, and Internal Release.

/micon "Arm of the Destroyer" /ac "Rockbreaker" <t> /ac "Rockbreaker" <tt> /ac "Twin Snakes" <t> /ac "Twin Snakes" <tt> /ac "Arm of the Destroyer" <t> /ac "Arm of the Destroyer" <tt> /ac "Featherfoot" <me> /ac "Mercy Stroke" <t> /ac "Mercy Stroke" <tt> /ac "Blood for Blood" <me> /ac "Internal Release" <me>

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