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Food and Drink Non-Combat

Food and Drink Non-Combat Macro

WoW Mage Macro

This macro will use a potion if you are in combat or food/drink if you are not. It will use the quest reward (skettis escort) if you have them, if not, it will use a crafted/dropped potion. The food one will also use a Healthstone on alt-click, but I generally put those in their own hotbar slot anyway.

#showtooltip /use [combat, nomodifier] Volatile Healing Potion; /use [combat, nomodifier] Super Healing Potion; /use [nocombat, nomodifier] Telaari Grapes; /use [combat, modifier:alt] Master Healthstone; /cast Prowl; /cast [nocombat] Shadowmeld;

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