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Swiftcast Raise

Swiftcast Raise Macro

FF XIV Conjurer Macro

This macro allows you to instantly cast Raise with Swiftcast if it is available, or cast it normally otherwise. It prioritizes your current target but will target any dead party member in descending order if your target is invalid. Thin Air is also included for MP economy.

/macroicon "Raise" /macroerror off /ac "Thin Air" <me> <wait.1> /ac "Swiftcast" <me> <wait.1> /ac "Raise" <t> /ac "Raise" <1> /ac "Raise" <2> /ac "Raise" <3> /ac "Raise" <4> /ac "Raise" <5> /ac "Raise" <6> /ac "Raise" <7>

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