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Power Verraise

Power Verraise Macro

FF XIV Red Mage Macro

This macro simplifies targeting with Verraise. It tries to cast Verraise on your current target, and if that fails, it will try to cast it on party members in order of party list. You may optionally add a check for Swiftcast first by adding [/ac "Swiftcast" <wait.1>] into line 2, but this will slightly delay your cast time. It is recommended instead that you use this macro while you have the Dualcast buff.

/micon "Verraise" /ac "Verraise" <t> /ac "Verraise" <1> /ac "Verraise" <2> /ac "Verraise" <3> /ac "Verraise" <4> /ac "Verraise" <5> /ac "Verraise" <6> /ac "Verraise" <7> /ac "Verraise" <8>

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